• Tongkat Ali

    Tongkat Ali is a supplement made from the roots of the Tongkat Ali plant. The roots are used to make an herbal supplement that is claimed to improve male sexual function and fertility.

  • Phenylpiracetam Hydrazide

    Phenylpiracetam Hydrazide (also known as Fonturacetam) is a derivative of the performance-enhancing nootropic Phenylpiracetam. It has been gaining a lot of popularity since Phenylpiracetam was discontinued. It’s a smart drug widely used to improve memory, stimulate the central nervous system (CNS), and improve overall cognition. Introduction Phenylpiracetam Hydrazide is an effective cognitive enhancer, and it […]

  • MDMA

    MDMA, or ecstasy, is a psychoactive drug that induces feelings of euphoria, intimacy, and heightened sensations. It can also lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure, as well as dehydration. Ecstasy is often used in social situations, such as parties or clubs, and is sometimes used to facilitate sexual activity.

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

    N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, an amino acid that is often taken as a dietary supplement. It is sometimes used to help treat respiratory problems, such as bronchitis and asthma, and has also been shown to be helpful in treating liver disease. N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is thought to work by helping to remove toxins from the body and by […]

  • CDP-choline

    CDP-cholin, or Citicoline, is a safe, potent, and extremely well-tolerated nootropic. It enhances memory and protects the brain serving as a neuroprotectant. In combination with other supplements, it works as a powerful potentiator, especially racetams. Overview Citicoline, also known as cytidine diphosphate-choline or cytidine 5′-diphosphocholine is an intermediate in the generation of phosphatidylcholine from choline, a common […]

  • Taurine

    What is Taurine? Taurine is an organic compound that is widely distributed in animal tissues. It is a principal constituent of bile and can also be found in the large intestine, which aids in fat absorption. Taurine is also in the bloodstream and plays a role in osmoregulation (water balance) and detoxification. It is an essential […]

  • Fladrafinil (CRL-40-941)

    Fladrafinil is a recently introduced wakefulness-promoting agent structurally similar to, as well as the prodrug, Modafinil.  According to Wikipedia, a prodrug is a “compound that, after intake, is converted within the body…..prodrugs are often designed to improve bioavailability…this reduces adverse or unintended effects.” This means, in simplified language, that our bodies convert Fladrafinil into Modafinil after ingestion.  […]

  • Magnesium Glycinate

    Overview Magnesium is a vital mineral used in many biological processes. It is an essential for neuroplasticity and ATP generation, both crucial for learning, memory, and cognitive function. Magnesium deficiency affects many people in our modern world today. It is found in green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, poultry, steak, and salmon, among […]

  • DMAE L-Bitartrate

    What Is DMAE L-Bitartrate? Also known as Dimethylaminoethanol or Deanol, DMAE L-Bitartrate is a pre-cursor to Acetylc has been found to play a critical role in the formation, as a neurotransmitter, in retaining memory. Some sources of DMAE include anchovies, as well as naturally present in the brain, as well as sardines and other seafood; […]

  • Lemon Balm

    Lemon balm, balm, common balm, or balm mint, is a perennial herbaceous plant in the mint family Lamiaceae and native to south-central Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, Iran, and Central Asia, but now naturalized in the Americas and elsewhere. It grows to a maximum height of 70–150 cm.  Wikipedia Overview What is Lemon Balm? Lemon balm […]

  • Phenylethylamine

    Phenylethylamine is a nootropic stimulant that improves your memory recall, executive function, creative flow states, reduces stress and anxiety, lifts mood, and helps ADHD symptoms. It works by increasing the effects of neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine. This makes you feel energetic, focused, and motivated. Overview What is Phenylethylamine? Phenethylamine is found in the […]

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine

    Introduction What is Acetyl-L-Carnitine? Acetyl-L-Carnitine, or ALCAR, is an amino acid that is naturally produced in your body. This amino acid helps generate energy and it can also be found in animal proteins such as red meats. Many people take acetyl-L-carnitine supplements because of its potential benefits. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a more bioavailable form of the […]

  • Adrafinil

    Verified by Dr. Sundru M. Devi. M.D. Microbiology, PhD Biotechnology, Mar 1, 2019. Updated August 22, 2022. Adrafinil is the precursor of Modafinil. A stimulating nootropic that fights fatigue, increases brain’s capacity of processing information, boosts energy, and enhances subjective well-being. It metabolizes in the body into Modafinil. A useful tool for pulling through long, mentally demanding […]

  • Agmatine Sulfate

    Agmatine Sulfate is an amino acid nootropic that boosts cognitive function. It’s excellent on reducing neuropathic pain, and drug addiction (repetitive) habits. It’s neuroprotectant and can reduce tolerance to medications like benzodiazepines, morphine, and painkillers. It synergizes with SSRI’s & cannabis.

  • Alpha-GPC

    Alpha-GPC is a natural cholinergic that works as a powerful memory booster. Stacked with other nootropics, it works as a potentiator, boosting cognitive function. It’s a mild stimulant that boosts energy and performance power. It promotes cell regeneration and acts as a neuroprotective agent against cognitive decline.

  • Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha is a powerful, natural nootropic offering many health benefits especially on stress, anxiety, and reducing depression symptoms. It boosts testosterone levels, supports muscle mass, reduces body fat and increases strength and performance.

  • Berberine

    Berberine is an alkaloid extracted from a variety of herbs. It is often used for its anti-diabetic effects, which seems to be competence in potency to many of today’s popular pharmaceuticals.

  • Garcinia cambogia

    Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit known to enhance the culinary experience of food. It increases the satiety of a meal (by enhancing the taste experience). Its use as a fat burner does not seem to extend to humans. Overview What is Garcinia cambogia? Garcinia Cambogia, also known as Malabar Tamarind, is a small fruit that […]

  • Chaga Mushroom

    Overview What is Chaga Mushroom? The Chaga mushroom, scientifically known as Inonotus obliquus, looks more like burned wood than a traditional mushroom. Chaga mushroom produces a wood-like growth called a conk and grows on birch trees all over the world, including Korea, Russia, and northern areas of the United States. The Chaga conk is dark […]

  • Black Hoof Mushroom

    Overview Benefits and Effects Mechanism of Action Dosage Side Effects User Experience Frequently Asked Questions Black Hoof Mushroom (aka Phellinus linteus) is a medicinal mushroom used in eastern Asia for decades as a preventative to illness. It protects against conditions such as gastroenteric issues and diarrhea. Furthermore, according to a Harvard Medical School study, it […]